Two steps forward…

Before we go any further, let’s build a foundation on how to read and converse with this blog.

Imagine we are sitting a large table filled with home made mashed potatoes, turkey, corn on the cob, BBQ Chicken, and gallons upon gallons of sweet tea. Now picture yourself sitting next to me as we share this meal. As we eat, we talk. We remember our manners, we don’t cross-talk, we keep our elbows off the table, and are respectful and considerate. We are not the only two at the table. As dinner begins we talk about sports, weather, movies, and everything in between. After our meal, we to shake hands, and say “Until next time!” Many times when Jesus preached, there was food! There is something about breaking bread that changes the dynamic of conversation, even if we don’t agree. The internet is a powerful tool but it can be dangerous tool too. Let’s all remember our baptism.

What this blog is not:

  1. An attack – I love the Church of the Nazarene; I believe in this Church; I have a call to be in this Church; I will protect this Church. I am trying to warn the Church of the slippery slope it is flirting with. But I am not wanting to attack it, any member or any specific [local] church.
  2. The End or the Start – I don’t know everything. This blog is not to be final say in the matter, but merely jumping into the conversation already going.
  3. The Da Vinci Code – I’m not using this blog to drop hints on my identity. I’m a Nazarene; I’m a pastor; I’m in the United States (that narrows it down). I absolutely hate the fact that I have to hide. If this blog leads to my ‘outing’ so be it, but my message is more important than who I am.

What this blog is:

  1. More than just my opinion – It’s a weird hybrid of how I see the world: what is, what was, what will be, & what should be. I’m very idealistic. Blogs by nature are very opinion based, but the Truth, and reliability are sprinkled throughout. Promise.
  2. Release – Normally I post when I am at the breaking point. When I can’t stand something I’ve seen in the news or have been mulling over for days, I’ll post. It helps me vent; it keeps me sane.
  3. Policy – I’m developing it as we go along. I do know some parts of an endgame in mind. For example, I’d like to see the Manual remove the final paragraph the Covant of Christian conduct regarding Homosexuality  (Human Sexuality 37.0) and the remove the ban on homosexual leadership in paragraph 437.8.
  4. A safe place – A place where people can come to find encouragement and hope. (Lofty & painfully optimistic goals, I know.) But this should be a safe place non-the-less. If you passionately disagree, that’s wonderful, but count to ten, pray, then post. (I will do the same.  I get passionate about this issue, so sometimes maybe I need to count to 20, let me know if I’ve overstepped my bounds.)

Writing Style:

I am an academic at heart. Think of each blog as a mini-chapter of a greater thesis (another lofty goal). I try to keep my post plain, and to the point. Somethings that are linked, or in [ ] or ( ) are my funny little side-comments, or rabbit hole items of interest, or pictures/media that help explain my point or reference better. I do have a sense of humour that I realize might not come across in the written word. For that I’m sorry. I assure you I mean no offense. I will gladly re-phrase or remove something that is objectionable, as per keeping with the goal of this being a safe place.

I am not a writer by nature. So my style is evolving, and I need all the grammar hints and tips I can muster. If you spot a grammatical/spelling errors/misc typos of any kind let me know. (I’m a working progress) From time to time, I edit my own work, but I am not opposed to extra help! (Or guest authors for that matter.)

Big C or Little C?

The word ‘Church’, with a uppercase ‘C’ means the one-&-only-holy-catholic-univseral-apostalic Church. But can also mean, either explicit or inferred, the Church in America, or refer to a larger sub-group of churches, or it will be short for the Church of the Nazarene as a denomination. Generally speaking, a big C means exclusively the Church of the Nazarene. A lowercase ‘c’ will generally mean a particular church, or building, or a non-specific denomination or group of Christians. Context is key.

Comments Welcome:

Questions, comments, concerns, more thoughts? All comments and emails are read by the author. Above all, tell us your story! We’d love to hear it. Please keep comments professional, and in manner best befitting Christianity. Please refrain from personal attacks. Keep a good level decorum. Feel free to disagree. Nazarene Ally does, however, reserve the right to delete slanderous, blatantly rude, not constructive, or offensive comments.

Now that the house keeping is done, let’s dig in; the food’s gettin’ cold!


One thought on “Two steps forward…

  1. I teach at a Nazarene college in the US, in the school of theology; I wish you didn’t have to be anonymous, though I certainly understand why you post this way. Please know that you have our support.

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