Same great content, just a new great look! Update your blog links to reflect our new home at powered by WordPress in celebration of the start of our 3rd year in October 2012! This is the final step in our re-branding we started in February.

In addition to a new look, post will now include more resources and information on opportunities to get involved in your communities. This will now allow Nazarene Ally to equip people as well as share stories and work through the theological issues of being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender and being in the Church of the Nazarene.

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4 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Hey there….I stumbled upon you and really REALLY want to make a connection. As a Nazarene leader and huge ally – I need some support. I’ve also started Evangelicals for Equality as a way to show support…but this is IDEAL! Let me know how (and if) I can touch base. Thanks! Heidi

  2. I just read on naznet that you had received few comments from supporters. Well, I’ve decided to let you know I applaud your courage to confront a real issue kept hidden for ages. I grew up in the church (3rdgeneration- father and uncle in ministry), but left church for the most part because I never found a home for my questioning, inquisitive mind. After 30 years’ absence I am attending a UMC church. I wish I had known then that I wasn’t alone in questioning some of the church’s stances on issues. And, by the way, I met a former Olivet attendee while working on my Master’s at Indiana University who was asked to leave Olivet for his sexual “leanings”. I think he might be interested. in your efforts as well.

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