Here are some resources to help our Nazarene Allies. Know of any good resources to help Nazarene Allies out of the closet? Let us know!

Canyon Walker Connections:
Straight Ally, Kathy Baldock provides more resources, understanding and stories of walking the great divide between the Straight Christian community and LGBT Christians.

GLSEN: National Ally Week
Each year, most times overlapping with National Coming Out Day, GLSEN sponsors National Ally Week.

8 Steps for being a Good Ally
Writer Yirssi Bergman outlines 8 simple steps on how you can be a good ally. You can view more of her work at Huffington Post and

12 Ways to Be an LGBT Ally in 2013
Writer Kimberly Knight gives her advice on how to be an ally, and adds some links to some great resources at the bottom of her post as well. She is a good writer, so be sure to read the rest of her blog on Pathoes.

GLAAD: Come Out… As an Ally! Campaign
Closets are hard for anyone to come out of, even allies. By signing up for GLAAD’s Ally resources page. #AllyNetwork