You don’t have to be a Nazarene to be a Nazarene Ally! Over the last 60 years Christians have started grassroots efforts for LGBTQ inclusion in their congregations and in denominational policies. Here is a brief list of LGBTQ organizations for the major Christian denominations.

Denomination (date when they became affirming)
LGBTQ organization (Date founded)

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American Baptist
Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptist (1986): Originally founded in 1986, the Association of Baptist Concerned, changes its name to Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptist in 1992. 


Church of the Brethren

Church of Christ

Church of England

Church of God in Christ

Church of God (Anderson)

Church of God (Holiness)

Church of Sweden (2006)
Church of Sweden blesses same-sex marriages 6 months after Sweden became the 7th country to pass marriage equality.

Church of the Nazarene
Nazarene Ally (2010). The flagship LGBTQ advocacy group for all the Holiness-Wesleyan-Arminian Tradition Churches.

Community in Christ
The Welcoming Community Network (?)

Disciples of Christ (Christian Church)
GLAD Alliance (?)

Eastern Orthodox

The Episcopal Church
Integrity USA (1975)

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Free Will Baptist

Reconciling Works (1973): Lutherans for Full Participation is founded by a group of 5 Lutherans in Minnesota.

National Baptist Convention USA Inc.

Non-Denominational (Protestant)
Believe Out Loud (2009): An ecumenical organization “supporting conflicted Christians and advance the decades-long movement for LGBT-inclusion within mainline Protestantism (”

Not All Like That  (2013): John Shore and Dan Savage teamed up to create a video blogging site to let LGBTQ people know that not all Christians are hateful towards them. 

Metropolitan Community Church (1968)
This is the first denomination with LGBTQ inclusion in its charter.

Mennonite Church (USA/Canada)

Presbyterian Church (USA) (2010)
More Light Presbyterians (1974): Working “for the full participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people in the life, ministry and witness of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and in society.”

Covenant Network of Presbyterians (1997?)

Presbyterian Welcome (1997)

Reformed Church In America
Room For All (2005): The LGBTQ initiative of the Reformed Church in America was created in reaction to the church trial of a reverend that officiated the same-sex wedding of his daughter.

Roman Catholic
Dignity USA (1969)

Seventh-day Adventist Church
Adventist for Progress (2013)

Southern Baptist Convention

Unitarian Universalist Association  (1973)

United Church of Canada (2005)
Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble (1982)

United Church of Christ (2005)
UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns

United Methodist Church
Reconciling Ministries Network (1984): RMN equips and trains UMC Conferences, local congregations, Sunday School classes, college ministries and small groups on full inclusion for their LGBTQ members. There are currently over 600 RMN groups (

Quakers (Religious Society of Friends)